Best sealing oil to prevent dry hair in winter

Best Sealing Oils to Prevent Dry Hair During Winter

Most healthy hair regimens have some tweaks as the seasons change.  Warm weather and summer activities exposes our hair to one set of challenges (um, hello humidity!) but brittle cold temperatures and winter dry air has a whole other set of challenges.  I don’t change much about my regimen to combat these issues – but I definitely switch up which oils I use on my hair during winter to prevent dryness.  In my opinion, these are the best oils to seal your hair (seal  = apply an oil after your fave moisturizer to keep your hair moisturized longer) to keep your hair healthy throughout the winter.

Castor oil

Heavy, thick, sticky and if you get the superior Jamaican Black version – stinky.  No way around it.  But castor oil is an excellent emollient and its viscosity prevents moisture loss from your strands better than any other oil I’ve tried. A definite must have for winter!  My favorite brand is Fountain Oils Jamaican Black Castor Oil Food because it actually doesn’t have a strong scent and is mixed with other healthy hair oils to make it not as thick.

Grapeseed Oil

Not all grapeseed oils are created equal!  When it comes to your hair (and body also) the darker the grapeseed oil, usually the more pure and potent it is.  My favorite brand is Napa Valley Grapeseed oil, which makes sense because Napa is known for creating superior wines so why wouldn’t the same apply to oils?  Both come from grapes after all!  Grapeseed oil is great for the hair because of its high content of ceramides and is a thicker oil, but light enough to be used multiple times per week, or even daily if necessary.

Broccoli Oil

This oil is last on my list because it is a newer one to my regimen after trying Kinky Tresses Nourishing Oil, which my hair absolutely loves!  One of the main ingredients is broccoli oil, so I ordered 100% pure broccoli oil online to compare.  It’s pretty amazing, I have to say!!!  Silky, smooth and an amazing sealant, most likely due to the high content of fatty acids, including arachidonic acid, which is an essential fatty acid (your body cannot produce it on its own).

Only three oils on this list, but I would put money where my mouth is and say if your hair tends to be dryer during the winter – like most of ours is – then at least ONE of these oils will be a god send for you!

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