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Natural Hair Updo | Braids, Twists & Curls!

My little cousin, Jennifer, has been on a serious healthy hair quest for the past year – I’ll be sharing her full hair journey soon.  But now that we’ve achieved our goal of healthy hair through protective styling, mainly crochet braids, I am slowly introducing her to styles with her hair out; I don’t want her to be dependent on fake hair and long-term protective styles.  So, our first style is this natural hair updo which is a mix up of braids, twists and curls that I absolutely love!

Every time I do her hair, I ask her to look online (Pinterest mainly) to find a style she likes.  I want her to be involved in the process of choosing a style – that is all part of teaching her to care for her own hair.  She found these two styles as our inspiration:

I used these two styles to create our own that suited Jennifer’s face as well as her hair length.

To create our version of this versatile updo we:

  1. Shampooed and deep conditioned using my Hot Head Deep Conditioning cap
  2. Blow dried using the tension method
  3. Appled TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner
  4. Sealed with Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food
  5. Parted a circular section in the middle of her hair
  6. Cornrowed the back and sides upwards (the back of her hair is shorter so the braids will last longer than twists)
  7. Two strand twisted the front using TGIN Twist & Define Cream
  8. Pulled the back braids and twists into a high ponytail
  9. Spritzed the middle with water and applied TGIN Twist & Define Cream
  10. Rolled the middle on pink and white perm rods
  11. Allowed to dry overnight
  12. Removed the rods and separated the curls

Although this wasn’t MY wash day, I could tell partially through creating the style that I would love it and thought you may use the look for inspiration as well.  Also…I can’t wait to try out the TGIN Twist and Define Cream a bit more and give a final review.  So far, this product may replace almost ALL my other curl creams and gels as my absolute favorite.  It’s that good!

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