Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush Review

Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush Review

Since the start of my hair journey I have seen ladies rave about how much they love using the Denman brush to detangle their hair.  Like many of us, after stumbling across my first healthy hair blog or YouTube video I went out and bought nearly everything I saw recommended including that dang Denman brush!  Maybe it was because my relaxed strands didn’t need that much brush, or maybe it was because they were too fragile to handle it but in any event…I just didn’t get the hype.  It felt completely unnecessary and counterproductive.  Now, The only time my Denman gets any use is when I’m detangling weave.  So when natural ladies started raving about this Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush, I was understandably hesitant.

I have been struggling with tangles and single strand knots which is what pushed me into trying but after my very first use I knew this brush was absolutely necessary for my life!  It is an amazing detangling tool and instead of causing breakage as I originally feared, it causes MUCH less breakage because I’m not fighting through knots to style my hair.  Even better, my hair requires much less effort to detangle and I lose significantly less hair during subsequent wash days!

How I Use:  I do not use this brush on dry hair at all.  I normally use it after shampooing and applying deep conditioner to damp hair.  It is important to note that whatever conditioner I use (Bee Mine or TGIN are my favorites) is thick, provides moisture and most importantly lots of “slip” to aid in the detangling process.  Of course, I start detangling in small sections from the ends and work upwards.  By the time I reach my roots the brush simply glides smoothly through my hair.

Pros:  The brush is extremely easy to clean. This is important because aside from any hair that gets trapped in the bristles, the conditioner also causes a bit of buildup but because of the hard plastic material and slated design of the back of the brush it can be rinsed cleanly away.  The bristles of the brush are seamless – the only only seam is on a part of the brush that does not come in contact with the hair – so it detangles without snagging strands.

so it detangles without snagging strands.

Performance:  I believe the secret to why this brush works so well lies completely in the design.  The “back” of the brush is slated rather than solid which allows the brush to give as needed when detangling.  It is stiff enough to work through any knots and tangles but flexible enough not to cause breakage by pulling at hair strands.

Final Thoughts:  I cannot stress enough how much of a difference in my hair this brush has made.  Bottom line, this brush is an absolute essential tool in my hair life!

This brush is frequently sold out due to its popularity, but can be purchased for $14 + shipping.  Totally worth it in my opinion and had I known how well it works I would have purchased long ago.  If you are dealing with lots of knots and single strand knots then you need the Felicia Leatherwood Detangling brush in your life.

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