Goddess Braids for Teens (How To)

I absolutely refuse to call this style ‘Kim Kardashian Boxer Braids.’  I just WON’T and CAN’T do it!  Black women have been wearing cornrows for years and as far as “Hollywood” goes, shouldn’t credit be given at least to Tracee Ellis Ross for rocking goddess braids on the red carpet for years?! *sigh*  Black appropriation at its best, I tell ya

Well anyway, with the resurgence in popularity of goddess braids, my little cousin wanted her own natural hair styled in two mid-back length cornrows.  I love the super thick braids most ladies prefer, but feel that look is a bit too grown for my 17 year old cousin.  I’m not judging anyone else, but this is just my preference for my cousin – nothing too long, too big or too fake looking.  So I looked up a few videos on YouTube on how to do Goddess Braids and found an excellent one by Maria Antionette, which you can watch above.

However, we quickly learned that Jennifer’s hair is much thicker than Maria’s plus we were only doing two braids as opposed to several.  So, she didn’t need hair added for thickness, just a bit of length near the back.  And to keep it teenager-y, we added those cute gold cuff hair decorations for the final look.

How to Do Goddess Braids for Teens

  1. Gather your products – kanekalon hair, gel and gold hair cuffs.
  2. Create the sections of hair you will need to add as you braid. If your hair is thinner, then you will need to add more hair but the key is the sections should not be equal sizes, they should go from small to thick so as you add the hair, it looks natural.
  3. Starting with freshly blow dried hair (for smoothness), place your part and apply Shine n’ Jam Conditioning gel for firm NON flaky hold.  This product works best for this style…trust me.
  4. Add the hair in a uniform manner (every two intertwines of the braid for example) so that when you reach the end, all three sections are equal sizes and lengths.
  5. Once you reach the end create a knot so the braid will not unravel.  Optionally you may curl the ends by placing them on perm rods and dipping into hot water.
  6. Smooth any loose hair with additional gel.  As needed use bobby pins to keep the sides sleek.
  7. Add gold hair cuffs randomly down the braid.
  8. Tie the hair down at night with a scarf an spray with a moisturizing leave in or braid spray to maintain.

This quick and easy style can last about two weeks if your teen remembers to protect her goddess braids with a satin or silk scarf at night. Perfect protective style for the summer weather!

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