How to find perfect hairstylist

How to find perfect hairstylist?

In my lifetime, I’ve never seen more women taking care of their own hair at home. Sure there have always been kitchen beauticians, but for the most part, women who could afford to go to the salon went.  Some had standing weekly and bi-weekly appointments.  But nowadays, with the natural hair movement, the flood of information available online and the propensity for women to stay weaved up, it seems like less and less women visit the salon on a regular basis.

Although I do my own hair regularly, throughout my hair journey, I have always preferred to have certain done at a salon:  relaxers, trims and weave installations.  The problem is finding someone you can really trust to have the health of your hair as their first priority and who understands your hair goals.  If your goal is to flat iron once a week without experience damage then the products used and regimen followed will be completely different from someone whose main goal is to grow their hair to waist length.  After getting past the trust issue, can the stylist actually do hair?  Let’s  be real.  It doesn’t matter how healthy you keep my hair if you can’t actually style it!  After checking both of those boxes, comes the hard part – the business part of a salon or stylist.  Are they on time?  Do they manage their inventory properly or do they always run out of the appropriate products or tools?  How clean is the salon kept?  Do they overbook clients?  Now that I can do my own hair, I have no desire to be at the mercy of a stylist who is one, always running late, two, keeps me all day at the salon and three, is inconsistent with the service I receive.  Nope…

Recently, I have found two salons I am extremely pleased with, one of which I’ve reviewed at the close of last year.  Here is how I went about finding the perfect salon for me and my hair.

Start on Google:

If a salon has a website, that is the first good sign!  It shows they want clients to take them seriously as a business and you can find out important things like price and location before scheduling your consultation.  Also through Google you can find reviews and client photos especially through review sites Yelp.

Use Social Media:

Try searching hashtag + your city name + stylist/salon.  For example #CharlotteStylist or #AtlantaHairSalon, etc.  You will find lots of stylists who may not be the salon owner, or owners who don’t have the money or ability to set up a full website, but do have an online presence.  Plus, you have a chance to view much more of their work on social media then you do on their website.  In addition to the official social media page, if you search the specific salon or stylist you may be able to find client shared photos.

Schedule a consultation:

Every salon who respects the process of a first time client understands the value of a consultation.  Whether they have a formalized consultation, complete with a form to be filled out or simply talk with you about your hair, having a consultation is an absolute must before allowing someone near my head for the first time.  After you have your consultation, do not feel pressured into proceeding with the service.  It is perfectly acceptable to opt-out

Get Referrals:

Old school always works.  If you see someone with gorgeous hair, ask “Girl who does your hair?”  I’ve been stopped a few times and always happily give out information about where and who did my hair!

Good luck and happy stylist hunting!

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