NouriTress Steam It Conditioner Review

NouriTress Steam It Conditioner Review

I have been using and loving Nouritress Perfect Hair Vitamins for a few months now.  I gave the owner feedback about how excited I was to finally find a hair vitamin I am able to take without negative repercussions on my skin.  We discussed my hair type and she thought I would love the Nouritress Steam It Super Moisturizing Conditioner and sent it to me to try.

Once received, for the first time, I was nervous about reviewing a hair product!  You have to understand, I really like the owner and CEO of Nouritress Deshawn Bullard.  I have admired her business acumen on the low for years and the fact that she offers not only consumer products, but a full line of professional hair care products.  For small business to be able to compete in a corporate world, especially in Black hair care, since 1998 is remarkable.  We’ve seen acquisitions of many larger brands and I love that Nouritress has remained Black, female owned and operated.

So I wanted to love the product.  When I saw the price, my brows rose.  When I received the product and there were no ingredients listed, my eyes widened.  That’s when the nervousness set in.  But when I put it on my hair?!  I can say is the name super moisturizing conditioner did not disappoint!  Check out the full review of the Nouritress Steam It Super Moisturizing Conditioner below.

Price: $32.95 for 32 ounces.  Seems expensive until you do the math – my other staple conditioners cost $17.99 for 12 oz and $18.97 for 8 oz.  By far, this is a much better deal.

Ingredients: Not Available.  This is a major con for me. I like my hair products like I like my money – show it to me!  Even if you are not an ingredient snob with aversions to mineral oil or parabens, what if you have an allergy or sensitive skin and need to be able to examine the ingredients before purchasing?  Or if your hair begins to suffer and you want to evaluate your products to determine the culprit?  I understand formulations are proprietary information, but the ingredients should be listed – if not on the product, then definitely on the website.

How I Use:  I know the name of the product is “Steam It” but that is simply to encourage ladies to reap the heightened benefits of using the product with a steamer.  The product is a deep conditioner and I used it with my Thermal Hair Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap, like I do with my conditioners every week.  After shampooing with Nouritress Hydracleanse Hydrating Shampoo, I applied in four quadrants, twisted my ends then sat under my warm cap for about 30 minutes before rinsing.

Consistency:  Steam It is the perfect mix between being thick but “spreadable.”  It does not take a ton of product to saturate my hair from root to tip, making the price even more attractive to me.  I’ll come back and update with how many washes this tub lasts me.  As I applied, the feeling of it melting into my hair was there – which is exactly what I look for in a good conditioner!  I definitely felt as though it was penetrating the shaft to deeply moisturize my hair.

Final Thoughts: Love!  I was visiting my cousin and raved about it so much, she jumped online to re-order some hair vitamins and added Steam It to her purchase.  My hair was so soft and moisturized after rinsing that I was able to finger detangle before styling.  Literally my fingers were gliding from root to tip!!!  I have used it weekly since that first impression and consistently get great results.  Nouritress does have retail locations, with more to come in 2017 so if you do not want to order online, check the website to see if it is available to purchase locally.


I have to admit, not knowing the ingredients is a pretty big deal for me, but I do love the way my hair responds to the product and will continue to use.  Perhaps Nouritress will add the list of ingredients to their site, who knows?!  Right now, I’m loving it!  The oil is another HUGE favorite of mine and I will be reviewing it and the vitamins separately.

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